About Cody Short



I’m a graphic designer/artist living and working in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I’m available for short-term or long-term freelance projects, and I would love to work with you.

Would you like to know me better? Here are a few basic facts:

  • I’m 36 years old. And I haven’t yet started lying about my age.
  • My big influences, as far as visual art are The Starn Twins, Mark Rothko, Ralph Steadman, Diane Arbus and, naturally, about a billion others. Including my father, Tom Short, who has no website and most likely never will.
  • I tend to become irrationally focused on any sandwich involving goat cheese. If you find yourself negotiating with me and you want to curry my favor, I suggest exploiting this fact. Not that I’m a pushover. Unless you buy me, like, ten sandwiches.
  • I feel that people are either Elvis people or Beatles people. You can enjoy both (as I most certainly do), but you clearly feel more of a natural affinity towards one or the other. I am a Beatles person.
  • Along the same lines, I am a Star Wars person and not a Star Trek person.
  • My decision to seriously apply myself in the field of design began after watching Gary Hustwit’s films Helvetica and Objectified. I wholeheartedly suggest that everyone watches these movies, because they’re great.
  • This is my favorite website.
  • I don’t have big muscles. But if you need some heavily lifting done, I can probably help.
  • Oh, I’m on facebook, too. And I’m on Instagram as manymeals. Everyone is these days, right?


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